Our Cave, Your Cave

We offer you our space, an original gastro-cave where you can organize a customized event. We have an interior space of 45 m2, with the latest technology, and an outdoor Andalusian patio with views of the Generalife. Enjoy this uniquely designed space for your celebration, you can set it as you like! We can help you make the event a success. It is an ideal space for intimate celebrations that will make a difference.

More information
What is the capacity of the space?

14 people sitting in a big table.
32 people sitting on separate tables.
45-50 people standing including the patio.


We have a team of chefs, and we offer catering and drink service. We welcome suggestions and we are glad to answer your questions. ¡Ask us!

How does it work?

We rent our gastro-cave so that you can design your own event. Our cave becomes your cave, therefore we expect you to take care of it as if it were your house.
If you need any further assistance, do not hesitate to contact our event planner to advise you.

Rent per hour

Pack 4 h 240 € (VAT not included)
Pack 6 h 340 € (VAT not included)
Pack 8 h 440 € (VAT not included)

If you require another rental format, we can adapt to your needs.

Contact us!